new update.

25 Dec

well, it’s been a really REALLY REALLYYYYYYYYYYYY long time since I updated, ha.ha.ha.

but anw, today’s christmassss!! 🙂 so i felt thr was a need to update anyway. because today’s my Lord’s birthday! 🙂 so I went for christmas service early early in the morning with my dg! yezzz we’ve been gng out so frequently i swear we break record. this is like the 7th time we’ve gone out in 2.5 wks omg LOL. but anw, the acapella and the performance items were so goooddd! 🙂 hehehehe I wish I had as good as a voice as our church singers 🙂

then headed to klp for lunching and stuff! as usual, played taiti and stuff with bridge! 🙂 dapao-ed some stuff up to eat and played w carolyn, jinny, hannah and jerry cardsss. and truth or dare, etc. but xmas this year doesn’t really feel like christmas, idk why! 😦 like not enough atmosphere? hahahaha.

but anw, went out w jinny & carol for 2x study outings! 😀

on friday, we LAUGHED LIKE SHIT MAN ABOUT OUR RANDOM HEAD BOBBER (HEHEHEH WE KNOW WHO IT IS) and shared carrot cake, tangyuan, plus chicken rice!! omg omg omg yumzzzz i love them hehheheh. and idk why, whenever jinny’s around, my math is like omg superb and i can do the questions! and i love my bitch carol too HAHAHA. she’s so sweet omg i just love her lah. with jinny alsooo that noobo who’s so cute! 🙂

but that was at bedok library LOLOL and we also talked about the jc-s they wanted to head too at jc! cuz i’m alr in vj so apparently, I’m stuck thr 😦 really wish i can cont to be in the same dg as them leh!!! apparently, jinny wants to go MJC, and carol wants to go to TJC or MJC I THINK. THINK. i really can’t rmb 😦 my memory’s failing me!

but we talked so loudly in the library it was a miracle we didn’t get chased out! laughed about all the random things and they two are so cute HAHAHA. swear i love them to bitzzzz!

but so the prev time was at the airport! gosh its so fun studying at the airport cuz you see all the tourists and stuff and all the air stewardesses (?) who are gorgeousssss *–* heheheh. everyone always says i have lesbian tendencies, but i do NOT. DO NOT AT ALL. I’m straight and I like guys! HAHAHA.

yep so we made macs our temporary vagabond site and just camped there the whole dayy. some waiter found like $100 okay WTF. then still ask us is it ours?! WE  SHOULD HAVE JUST SAID YES LOLOLOL. and I’ve figured out some secrets…. CAROLYN 😉 😉 HEHEHE. its so fun to blackmail ahahaha i’m so evil! >:)

oh yah and we had 14 snr jnr outing too that ended up as a class outing, OH WHATEVER. HAHAH.

OH. AND OUR DG CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!! I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THAT HEEEE 😛 yup so in the morning we went to ecp, and then i played like bridge/taiti w annora, janelle, jinny, estell, andrea 🙂 hehehe cuz i didn’t wear proper footwear for soccer so i didn’t play! then after a while our crazy guys decided to head into the sea with wayne hammering the water and acting like a merman HAHAHAH omg he’s damn funny.

and stupid johann annoying me (btw he’s my new cute lil’ bruddahhh! love him.) with his stupid card trix! but yep we camwhored so thr’s some rly stupid and funny pics and janelle was so funny gosh LOL. i forgot what but she was being funny. HAHAH. then then then! me, janelle, jinny, annora headed down to annora’s house for a bath cuz we were stinky pigs 😦 talked thr and stuff and laughed a lot too! hahahahaha.

before we headed to nik’s house where we started playing cards….. AGAIN -_-” just realised we play lots of cards all the time. and like had rly yummy food thr plus took pictures bcuz thr was supposed to be formal shot! and the guys were acting cool. and me + jinny + annora + grace tan + hannah were tryna harmonize “we are the reason”! 🙂 damn nice hehehheeh. but yes so i left at 830 bcuz mummy was scolding why i was so late! hahahaha. and ended up leaving my slippers + cards all at nik’s house, which he returned to me on sat during dare svc but I left it thr. and now it’s lost. SMART ME RIGHT -.- HAHA. sometimes my own stupidity amazes me. 😀

so here are some of the pictures wheee~~~~ damn nice okay!! 🙂 🙂

 class outing with laopo 🙂

 all the 14 girls though ynez and sara and joanna plus suby were missing! and rachael my darling didn’t come too 😦 😦

 me and ddee which is so unglam omg 😦

 carolyn and meeee ❤ ❤ ❤

 our formal polaroid hehhehe!

 us girlsss! 🙂 except that its a bit blurry. and carol plus jinny not thr 😦

 mahjong queen i am.

one of my fav shots cuz i’m monkey-fied.

 charlie teh unicron! 😀

 aladdin girls~~~

  a nice group shot.

 me, estell, and jinny! 🙂


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