DG OUTING 28/11/2011.

28 Nov

today was damn fun!! I absolutely love our dg cuz we’re just growing so much and just becoming so much more open and everything and it’s so easy to talk!!!! NOT LIKE IT WASN’T PREVIOUSLY CLOSE, but now we’re so much more ❤❤ hehehe.

yupp so started off with waking up freaking damn early to meet carol hunny for breakfast at macs (yummmm) at like 820?! I WOKE UP AT 740 AND BATHED + CABBED THR, reached around 830?? heheheh! 🙂 then we ordered big breakfast and she keep laughing at me THAT BOOB HAHAHAHA WE LAUGH LIVE LOVE PLAY TOGETHER 😀 ❤

yupp then cycled, gosh cycling so blardy tiring, and i freaking fell. two big nasty piggy gashes on my knee and hand now! 😦 so painful but i didn’t cry. and guess how i fell? LOL busy talking to carol nik and hannah and then i crashed into the drain, proves that i shouldn’t be too talkative hohoho!

and headed for lunch after that at macs agn whr i had mcflurry with carol and nelle! before heading to grace’s house and playing ASSHOLE TAITI. I WON THE QUEEN OKAY – HIGHEST HONORARY TITLE FOR MOIIIII. so happy!! 🙂 🙂 and the guys were mind foofing me i swear!! BUT IT WAS SO FUN 🙂 laughed like shit at stupid johann (is that how you spell his name) and jeremiah and zikin! ahahahaha. AND THEY KEPT COMPLAINING OVER WHO’S THE ASSHOLE LOL.

then bathed and borrowed grace’s xtra oversized shirt (i can fit!!) and bathed~~ i didn’t bring xtra clothes so yeah 😦 but it was so shiok~!! then sat in her house and continued asshole taiti with nelle heheheheh!


so funny okay HAHAHA, like all the throwing of cards and everything! and then we had like what’s it, the game where you hafta remove blocks and make sure the building doesn’t fall down! but that only lasted for a while so yupp! 🙂 and just laughed like shit today with so many people~~ like smelly jinny cuz we both had our inside jokes AHAHAHAA.

I LOVE MY DG ❤❤❤❤❤

carolyn, annora, jinny, janelle, grace tan, hannah, estella, andrea, joshua, zikin, jeremiah (jerry jerry!), sean, johann, wayne, nikhil, WE’RE ALL AWESOME THAT WAY OOH YEAH.

and anw headed for dinner after that arond 615 cuz i was DAMN HUNGRY. nelle and me were complaining x100000! LOL. had ayam penyet while annora waited for me 🙂 and she went to get her stinky chicken rice! HAHAHA and then me annora and janelle shared a bowl of satay with some ketupat~~ yummmmm!

hmmm then otw back annora felt like puking 😦 damn scaryyy LOLOLOL i cannot stand vomit it scares me like TO THE MAXIMUM. but she was okay lah HAHA and anw love that shizzos too!!! 🙂 HER SARCASM IS ALWAYS EPIC.

just love my dg so much and we’ve been like so much more united nowadays, and our ning2 ju4 li4 is so strong hhehehe! and like, it’s always laughter and daddy god’s just really letting us grow so much moreeeee 🙂

then went to get the rara camp stuff! cuz tmr’s rara camp alr and i’m meeting jess at 1200 at pasir ris mrt! then we gna head downnnn 🙂 yippee! and i still haven’t packed \m/ i’m awesome that way 😀 yupp bought 10 friendship bands that are green, 2 sets of magic ink markers, 2 sets of water colour paints, and 1 set of glitter glue (4 colours!) 🙂 all in total $16.30 😀 I’M SUCH A GOOD SHOPPER HELP SAVE MONEY >:)

but yupp thr are photos from today but i’ll wait for jinny to upload! 🙂 hehehhee. IT’S ALL IN HER SMACKIN’ COOL CAMERA.


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