Day 1: Your favourite Infinite member and why

16 Oct

SO THAT’S A VIDEO TO SPRUCE YOU UP!! ^-^ DO WATCH IT. Hoya/Dongwoo are so manly inside…. kekeke 🙂 And sungyeol/sunggyu/woohyun just killed me by being so sexy and hot. heh. ANW, back to my mission: who is my favourite Infinite member?? LOL that’s actly quite a stupid q, since I’ve said so many times, its Dongwoo tied with Sungyeol. Those two precious hunnies, can’t overtake each other!! 🙂 🙂 ❤❤

so firstly, DONGWOO:

He’s the cutest thing ever I swear, when I watch him in any variety show. His big full laugh and his big mouth, they’re all part of Dongwoo and his perfectness 🙂 He’s the doofiest guy that is always bullied in Infinite, yet holds no grudges and is forever soooo pure. And he isn’t afraid of showing his personality and who he is, that’s why I love him! And have I mentioned, his rapping is….. X.X It’s so powerful and his voice just goes so low its like screaming sexyy omg. Just watch the video upstairs and you’ll understand what I mean! Hehehe. And it’s like, his dance is so powerful. I esp love him in Paradise at the chorus whr he starts lifting his legs and swinging his hands…. GOSH. The cutest part of him? He sleeps like a dead log ❤ and wears bunny pjs ❤ it’s so adorkable I can’t even describe it :’) Plus his stare……. I JUST DIE IN IT :’) DONGWOO SARANGHAEYO ❤


He just is…. hilarious HAHAHAH. when I watched him in sesame player, the way he recklessly flips through his members’ stuff to dig some dirt, and his straight teeth are so cuteeee!! In the first ep, his personality was alr like ADBJFAKDJJKL BOOMZXC cuz he screamed everywhr while trying to escape from his manager hyungs! HAHA 🙂 ❤ then, I realised his really long and lanky silhouette which makes me faint all the more, cuz well, I have a thing for tall guys. LOL I’ve nvr liked any guys below 175 cm HAHA. so when I saw him modelling clothes, I was like WH-UAT. why so hot!!! HAHAHA yepppp and plus when he dances in paradise, he’s so sexy. When in BTD, he led the dance as the center and was so hot. His dance moves are also so freaking precise it’s gorgeous 🙂 ❤ Though he doesn’t have much song parts now, he will in the future cuz his voice is still changing/breaking! ^-^ SUNGYEOLLIE~ SARANGHAEYO ❤

that’s all! enjoy my oppas and treasure them^0^ hope they rest well, they look so tired recently!! 😦 😦  true inspirits always support infinite. saranghaeyo❤


ashley 🙂


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