14 Oct


my first ever post after the EOYS MWAHAHAHA! yesss i’m still very
happy πŸ™‚

but anw, today went out with laopo to teoheng whr we sang our
hearts out!! and YES she’s the first person i sang properly to LOLOLOL -_- gna
go thr again nxt time and i have a good mind to bring the whole class to kbox!!
even get rachael to overcome her kbox fear πŸ™‚ fangirl-ed over dbsk in the
freaking kbox room HAHAHAHAH jae was so hot, i swear, i could like roast meat
over him. he will be my private bbq pit >:) HEHHEE! and then sang freely adam
labert + beast cuz they didn’t have beasty’s songs!!! 😦 sad face. biga o neun
nal raen~

but anw so on the last day of exams, went out with fede rachael
darsh sara to watch REAL STEEL. it was so SO SO super duper awesome!! freaking
love atom and max yo. max = mini justin bieber, who was so cute and danced so
freaking well!!! almost fangirl-ed over him. wait 4 more years, then he’ll be 16
and AH good for me to fangirl. πŸ˜€ though i’ll be 19 -_- HMM, whatever HAHAHA!
had some rly yummy scrumptious subway sandwiches whr I ordered a coldcut trio!
which is why i need a camera so we can take photos HAIYO.

watching don’t lie to me by yoon eun hye and some unknown dude now~ but its amazingly good LOL i cried w her, shows her acting improved. and even though the guy’s 34, i’m
starting to think he’s nubbad. hehehe! nonsense right. OH TALKING ABOUT



but omg
sunggyu and woohyun’s voices melt me….. so freaking hot and touching. i love
paradise!! been listening to it for 1 mth++? but still so crazy in love with it
cuz it’s so freaking goooddddd. and hoya is like yunho+junsu mixed so mega love
for him too. dongwoo is in his own world…. MUAX MUAX MUAX MY INFINITE OPPAS!
^-^ should post your photos here right HAHA. but i’m lazy too heh! only will
post outing photos^^

but yes so i highly recommend be mine, paradise
(REALLY PARADISE), come back again, before the dawn! all soooooo freaking good.
infinite’s like the only group whr i re-hear and re-hear their songs and i never
get bored. like beast. HAHAHA so maybe the only 2 grps!

and anw,
returning to track next wk or so i think πŸ™‚ can’t wait to exercise and lose
some weight!! yes am v fat alr now 😦 but like, hehe my goal is to fit into
clothes nicely. i don’t need to be a skinny stick, i just need to fit. and omy,
checked out h & m that day when we went to it after our outing, and like the
accessories are freaking cheap! $4.90? LOLOLOL.

but obv, my blogshop is
btr lah!!! HAHAHA, do visit and support k!! πŸ™‚
just uploaded nutbag 2~ 30
more items, and like all very cute ^-^
mega easy to rmb! πŸ™‚ heheheeh.

and my new MEGA BIG outing is…..
gosh i miss so many people:
eliss,mimi,rachel,zeph,chen,clarissa!!! heheheh πŸ™‚ ❀
and duh my bby sax
cuz i no longer play it nowwww. but i will join back band in j1 i guess? hahaha!
and my section with cass, jiaen, kahying, chingee, yenhan, sheena. meh meh. but
band chalet was A BLAST so i guess hallowinds will be equally +++? HEEE!

then prolly gna have class outing nxt wk, so i solemnly promise i will
upload photos after class outing for everyone to see! πŸ™‚ ALL THE GIRLS IN THE
HOUSE PARTY ROCK BABEH~ whatever about the guys. HAHA jk lah! but yezzzz can’t
wait to have class outing! as mentioned earlier, rly wna go kboxing

and starting to wish my side fringe is back, cuz its more mature?
LOOLOL and looks btr anw! HAHA okay okay shall stop crapping,

ashley πŸ™‚


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